Parvin Kolahdooz (Certifies Integral Master Coach)


I am the founder and CEO of Inner Potential Coaching based in Ottawa, Canada. As a Certified Integral Master Coach TM, I have been coaching and helping people from all different walks of life, with their career, business, relationship or simply a change of behavior pattern. My clients come from as far as Jordan and as close as my city Ottawa.

As a Master Integral coachTM, I walk with you through the path, in which you can see how you operate presently and your “way of being”, which is mostly invisible. We do this together by shining the light on those areas, so you are able to see how you operate in your world. We pay close attention to all areas of your life, like your physical, spiritual and intellectual capacity. You will see and appreciate your “Current Way of Being” and your strengths and limitations. On your path to reach your desired goal, you will find yourself living a more whole and complete life.

Inner Potential Coaching