Lynda Pedley MBA, PCC

Professional Certified Coach and Master Integral Coach with 1400+ hours of coaching experience. Professional Yoga & Meditation teacher. Integral means inclusive of everything, complete, whole. This is my philosophy of coaching. When we work together I attend to all aspects of your development: intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, physical & spiritual. You get access to all of my skills & expertise whether it’s to change careers or live with less stress. The integral approach brings about change that endures over time, long past our work together. I get underneath what’s on the surface of your coaching issue to see how you have been approaching it. You experience some ah-ha moments as you realize why you haven’t been able to achieve the change you’d hoped for. I help you build the skills to move from where you are to where you want to be. My purpose is to remove the barriers to your own belief in your infinite potential.

Empowering the Whole Person Inc.