Catherine Morisset - Life Resilience Coaching; Leadership & Executive Coaching; Teacher & Speaker

PCC Professional Certified Coach ICF, PCC Professional Certified Coach & Resilience Coach ILCT, Board-Certified Coach CCE, BA Psychology UO, e-RYT Yoga YA, CFP certified Wellness & Nutrition

Faculty Teacher at ILCT Institute for Life Coach Training (USA)

Services available in English, French and Spanish

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Coaching Description

Do you sometimes feel that your life is a crazy race, with days so full that you feel overwhelmed? Coaching can make all the difference, and help you take control over your days and your life.

As an experienced coach, I have had the privilege to support people like you, with full plates and busy lives, to create and live a life that feels happier, more fulfilling and more productive. I have the knowledge and experience to help you support yourself and help you build a life that empowers you: a life that fuels you, fulfills you and propels you forward, confident that you’re on the right path. And we’ll do this with impactful and respectful small steps, because even a few small changes can lead to impressive results.

Over the past 25 years, I have coached entrepreneurs, public servants, therapists, CEO’s and clergy; all busy professionals, most with a family, competing priorities and fleeting work-life balance. They knew that something had to give, but imagined that if only they were better or more perfect, everything would fall magically into place. Life doesn’t work that way. You, every single day, create and build your life through your choices and your actions – are they taking you where you want to be?

I supported these extraordinary people as they learned to support themselves and to truly lead their life, gaining new perspectives, discerning true priorities, and de-cluttering their days. They achieved outstanding results, feeling that for the first time, who they were and what they did merged into feeling that they were finally showing up in their lives at their very best. And this they achieved without having to leap out into the unknown, by simply making different choices and taking small steps that fit them.

As a consultant with the federal government, national and international organizations, I am familiar with the challenges of a fast-paced, multi-dimensional personal and work life, and my role is to help you move forward into the life you choose, through personal and professional growth and transitions.  My approach will be adapted to your needs and circumstances, to help you uncover the right strategies, to build a thriving life and career, and to maintain it with simple, effective practices. I provide group sessions as well as individual coaching sessions.

If your choices and actions are not leading you to where you want to go, I’d love to help you change that. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and talk about what lights you up, to identify how to better support, fuel and lead your life, and find within you what you need, so you can practice using your wings to soar into all you can be and all that life offers you. Give me a call, or email me, and let’s talk about how to help you thrive into a life that fits you.


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Imagine Plus Resilience Solutions for Life and Work

Resilience Retreats – Team Building – All-Staff & Large Group Sessions

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Group Sessions

Call or email me to help you design the right session for your group. I can design and create sessions on a variety of topics, as well as provide learning aids and deliver sessions in English, French or bilingual format.  

  1. Five Ways, Five Minutes To Improve Resilience
  2. Five Ways, Five Minutes To Restore Balance To Your Life
  3. Resilience Strategies for Times of Fast Change and Upheaval
  4. Resilience Strategies For A Fast-Paced World
  5. Mental health: Stress Reduction & Burnout Prevention
  6. Mental Health: Resilience Strategies To Build & Maintain Mental Health in a Fast-Paced Life
  7. Recharging Your Life Batteries: From Stress to Energy
  8. Working Better Together: Building a Healthy, Resilient & Productive Workplace
  9. Work-Life Balance – 5 Ways, 5 Minutes to Building a Life that Fits You
  10. Healthy Workplace: Diversity & Multi-Generation Integration


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