John Neily, PCC

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The point of coaching is not to change you into someone you’re not, but rather to help you identify your “blind spots” where even small changes can produce big results. My specialty is providing a safe environment for a coachee to truly challenge themselves to have a conversation that they have otherwise avoided, otherwise not identified or had the opportunity to chase down. It is my role to allow a person to be vulnerable and in so doing in that safe space to hold themselves accountable for what could be.

My approach to Executive Coaching is a collaborative process that focuses on your needs, strengths, perspectives and weaknesses to help you move forward in specific areas of your personal and professional life. I have helped clients to discover their true aspirations and build plans to achieve them; to regain a better work-life balance; to increase their effectiveness as leaders; to deal effectively with difficult people and situations; and to overcome barriers to progress. In this time of rediscovery as we all adjust from the two years of changed reality I continue to allow people to be comfortable in challenging their status quo to something that they would otherwise not have addressed. It is fascinating to be a passenger in that journey or any of those journey’s I have listed.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey of guided discovery to confirm your greatest assets, identify issues, and explore solutions. I’ll encourage you to be more open to different ideas and new approaches as part of your continued development as a leader.

A client provided the following testimonial “John has led me through a journey of “guided discovery” where I have had an opportunity to identify issues and explore their associated solutions. John opened my mind to approaching issues in different ways…and this has fostered my continued development in the executive cadre…”

I am pleased to be affiliated with Primebridge Consulting Inc. as a part of their professional executive coaching team in addition to the engagements I take through my own firm. In addition to this I have developed a specialty in dealing with managers and leaders whose relationships with employees have caused significant hardship and personal impact through a process of co-discovery with the abrasive leader to identify the challenges of today to the opportunities of tomorrow.

JD Neily Consulting Ltd. (Prinicipal) / Primebridge Consulting Inc. (Associate)

John Neily Executive Coach
I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)