Gayle Wiebe Oudeh, PCC


Gayle Wiebe Oudeh has over 20 years experience in organizational leadership and is a seasoned coach, trainer, and mediator. Gayle utilizes her expertise in interpersonal dynamics, team development, leadership development and organizational systems in her work with Executives, Managers, and teams as they deal with difficult issues, people and choices in the workplace. Gayle specializes in coaching individuals in high-intensity situations, providing insight and feedback to individuals in times of stress, change and conflict. Her coaching programs focus on the current needs of the client as well as their long-term objectives, allowing for in-depth exploration and insight as well as realistic goal setting and accountability.

In addition to her coaching work, Gayle has designed and facilitated numerous courses on subjects such as communication, problem solving, conflict management, personality differences, and diversity in the workplace. Gayle is a frequent keynote speaker as well as radio and television guest on these subjects. Her dynamic and totally interactive presentations have captivated audiences internationally.

Together with her husband, Nabil Oudeh, Gayle co-authored the book Conflict is for the Birds: Understanding Your Conflict Management Style, providing insight into our individual conflict management styles, the choices available to us in conflict situations, and how to determine an approach that will lead to resolution.

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I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)