Marielle Métrailler, Executive and Leadership Coach


Marielle Métrailler combines a unique blend of corporate and non-profit government relations expertise. Originally from Switzerland and the holder of a bachelor’s degree in each of Marketing and Sociology, Marielle has worked throughout Europe and North America, applying her skills set to industries as varied as Luxury Goods and Biotech, as well as to pharmaceutical advocacy organizations. A proponent of lifelong learning, Marielle is always open to change and ready to learn new skills.

A true communicator fluent in English and French with a good knowledge of German, Marielle established Clarivia Inc. in 2016 with the clear vision to enable people to achieve their full potential, one conversation at a time. Marielle combines proven methodologies with her strong natural aptitudes: listening, empowering, guiding, facilitating and change management. Marielle enables individuals and groups to achieve their best and to meet and surpass their personal and professional goals.

Clarivia Inc.
I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)