John Sweetnam PCC, CEC, ACE.


John has been an Entrepreneur for over 40 years owning 3 successful companies, he proudly has a family of 4 children and 6 grandchildren .

John has been coaching since 2001, he is a master trainer and facilitator of NLP and also PCC level ICF approved.

John has continued his Coach certification training and had been certified as a team coach by the Global Team Coaching Institute and Accelerating Coaching Excellence .

John’s specialized facilitation supports the leader as a coach by delivering an enhanced model of leadership that is centered around people ,team and family, the ROI with increased profits comes from the enriched environment of employee engagement and contribution and sustains employee retention.

Quotes that capture client experience:

“My journey with Coach John is one of self empowering and awareness. Our sharing’s bring a lot of depth to my reflections and actions and allow me to guide others in a more present and profound way .”

“As a personal coach, John has a focused and compassionate style that quickly uncovers limiting beliefs, encourages new perspectives and is supportive in taking the necessary actions to transform and strengthen personal power. “

“ John is a rare breed of coach – compassionate and kind with a unique ability to get to the heart of the issue quickly, and engage you in new thinking that shifts your story and supports you to move forward in a new way. He is a craftsman and a magician rolled into one, and will take you on an unforgettable journey of transformation”.

“Finding a coach who has shown both business success and personal success , and whose values are aligned with mine was quite daunting. Coach John has helped me define goals, create winning strategies, and kept me accountable on delivering results. With structured sessions, listening with intent to understand – Coach John has helped me navigate the path to my own success. I always look forward to our next meeting.”

John’s passion for coaching and his give back to the profession is to ‘mentor new coaches’ in their personal and professional development . Coach john has generously shared his skills with leaders of Not for Profits to support the Ottawa community and beyond . Coach John’s clients connect from San Diego to Zurich via Zoom ,by phone and even facetime .
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I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)