Divorce Life Coach, BA, B, CPP, iPEC

I provide guidance and support to men and woman navigating their Divorce Journey. I help my clients disentangle their emotions, rediscover who they are and take charge of their life again.

Coaching is the missing link to anyone navigating the ups and downs of a Divorce Journey. The lawyer will help you with the legal aspect of the separation, the financial adviser will help you with the money side of things. But what about YOU? Who is helping YOU? Listening to YOU? Supporting YOU? Whether your divorce is the best thing that’s ever happened to you or the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, who is helping YOU disentangle your emotions so YOU can be free to live your BEST life? Me! The Life Coach, that’s who!

Divorce is tough; both emotionally and physically. It is my job to be there for you; To create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental and patient space for you to be you; To help you define and refine your goals; To figure out what you really want and what really matters; To help you develop coping strategies to deal with the break up and manage the conflict; To help you cope with negative emotions that are holding you back; and to break through limiting beliefs so that you can be free to focus on rebuilding your life.

Together, lets design a future you are excited to live.

My many years of being married to a Collaborative Family Law Lawyer provided me with an incredible insight into the needs of women going through divorce. So many times, I wished that I could reach out and help the men and women who were struggling, feeling sad or lonely or discouraged. And now, here I am, empowered by my experience as a teacher, emboldened by my coaching training at iPEC, coupled with my dedication, my energy, my intuition, my passion and my joie de vivre, ready to provide you with the perfect tools and skills to help you to get up and feel better. There is no right or wrong way, the important thing is to get started. I am so excited at the thought of helping you take charge of your life again.

You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage! Except there’s nothing insane here. Just you. Book a free consultation now! For you.

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