Jas Kalra M.SC, PCC

A coach works with their client to remove barriers from their developmental path. He or she is like a trusted friend and a guide who holds their client accountable. In the most straightforward terms, coaching means building someone’s competence to face their life situation.

Certified in Adult Education by St.FX University and trained by New Ventures West (leaders in training coaches), in California, I am certified as a professional coach. I have a Masters degree in Biology and studied Behaviourial Psychology, certification in Third Party Neutral from Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution at St. Paul’s University of Ottawa. I draw my experience from interviewing executives and senior managers for multinational and government organizations in India, Singapore and Nepal. I facilitate international development, leading diverse workforce and intercultural effectiveness competencies for DFATD, government departments, IBM, American Express, Siemens and Bank of America etc. in Canada.