Why I Joined the Ottawa Chapter Board

Having had a career in an industry where associations played an important role, when I embarked on my new career as a coach, the first thing I did was look up my local ICF chapter.  I found a webpage with a coach directory and a link to two upcoming events; it seemed there was a local ICF presence with active coaches in the city!

I came out to the two events and started to build my network with the local coaches.  I enjoyed the learning experiences and the comraderie of being surrounded by like-minded people.  Building a coaching practice incorporates so many new skills; business building, marketing and coaching and most of us do these things on our own.  I found that it was important to be around those who had done it, to keep me motivated and hopeful that I will too.

I could tell the chapter was young and in a position of great potential, but it needed members to help out.  I was approached to be a member of the Board to contribute my unique skills towards the growth of the chapter.  I was hesitant at first, I wasn’t even credentialed, was I even qualified?  But, I passionately wanted Ottawa to have an ICF chapter.  I wanted somewhere to belong, somewhere that I could go and be supported as I grew by business, not in solitude, but in an environment of learning and creativity.  So, I thought, if they could use my skills, I would offer up what I could to the chapter, in the spirit of co-creation.

For two years I offered my time, ideas and skills to the small, but driven and energetic group that is the ICF Ottawa Board and I am proud of what we accomplished in those two years.  I have embraced the learning experiences, which have enriched my skills as a coach and as a business person.  I have met a network of coaches in Ottawa passionate about making a difference through coaching and who embrace the same coaching philosophies that I do, as set out by the ICF.  I’ve found my community and the enrichment that comes from being part of an association dedicated to my craft.

As far as we’ve come in two years, we’re still young and have great potential.  If you’re excited about making a difference and want to contribute to co-creating our wonderful coaching community, think about what you could offer.  Your skills, time, ideas and presence are most welcome.

Carrie Morgan is a life coach working with professionals to leverage their career to the next level, or to search with passion and purpose for their next career path.   www.soulaspire.ca