President’s Message

Dear coaches,

Although Christmas is now a distant memory, I wanted to share with you how impressed I was when I opened my gift during the holidays. Astonishingly so, I was pleasantly surprised by the first quote, for January first. It was in direct correlation to what we do as coaches. Nancy Willard wrote: “Sometimes questions are more important than answers.” Wow, what a way to start the new year and to applaud what we do as coaches. Indeed we are masters of these great questions; questions that invite awareness; questions that provoke thoughts or proceeding questions that accelerate learning.

I trust that you are having a fabulous start to the New Year and I am wishing you only positive experiences and opportunities in 2018!

In retrospect, 2017 was a strong year for ICF Ottawa, I am hoping that you are sharing the same thought. Here are our 3 major accomplishments:

  1. In order to strengthen our community, we changed the formatting of our programming with the goal to focus more on coach roundtables.
  2. We had a great opportunity to celebrate coaching culture’s excellence for the first time in ICF Ottawa’s history with the Prism award in February 2017
  3. We started a new pro-bono coaching program for the executive team of the Shepherds of Good Hope.

The board worked hard in the hope to better fulfill your needs, to increase the strength of our community and to further engage our members. We feel optimistic for 2018 as we continuously receive positive feedback.

This year, we will continue our Executive Coach Roundtable, Internal Coach Roundtable and the New Member breakfast.  But we are not stopping there, here are a few nuggets on what’s to come:

  1. Thanks to Judy Mouland, we will be adding the Life Coach Roundtable in late Winter-early Spring.
  2. We are also extremely proud to offer to our local community the opportunity to learn from thought leaders, Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinga through their in person workshop in April called Seven Levels Human Relationships Program.
  3. Furthermore, the winners of the ICF Prism Award will be presenting at the local HRPA chapter in April.  Another great way to increase the visibility and credibility of coaching in Ottawa.

With this said, what excites me the most for this upcoming year is to see the continued progression of coaching and the increased credibility it is gaining in Ottawa. I had the great pleasure to meet many of you in the last year, and the conversations have always left me with great joy. I am certainly witnessing the great accomplishments our members are having with their business, in their work, with their clients and in the community.

I will leave you with a personal invitation to come to our AGM, where we will have an opportunity to present to you where we are, to listen to your concerns and learn from your ideas in order to make the next 12 months a real success. We will be posting shortly the date for the event on our website and newsletter, stay tuned.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to meet, to chat, to listen, to ask a few questions, and to get to know you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Be amazing!

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