Use Influence to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice

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Date(s) - Wed, 5 October 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Webinar
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Presented by: Dr. Karen Keller, MCC

This presentation proposes to introduce the participants to the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) and how it will help the client clearly define and quickly move toward goals, how it will impact the coach’s ability to work with a client, and how it will help grow the coach’s business. The key elements used are an understanding of the impact of the Seven Influence Traits™ and what they mean for a person to be influential, an introduction of the relationship between the Seven Influence Traits™ and the Five Organizational Competencies; leadership, communication, team effectiveness, strategy & solutions, and execution & evaluation.

Participants will:

  • Discover how influence impacts the success of their practice
  • Explore using the Keller Influence Indicator® as a marketing and coaching tool
  • Learn how to use a new model of building their client’s influence
  • Understand how the Seven Influence Traits™ impact their clients
  • Identify and develop high potential leaders and forward-thinking influencers within an organization

Learning Objectives: Each participant will learn:

  • The correlation between being an influential coach and how that lends to helping the client increase their potential for being influential
  • The implications of using the Seven Influence Traits™ to coach their clients to achieve goals
  • The root causes or core qualities to coach on that are responsible for barriers and/or achievements
  • How to use the Keller Influence Indicator® tool to create new awareness and motivation in their clients

ICF Core Competencies Applicability
CC#4 – Coaching Presence
CC#6 – Powerful Questioning
CC#7 – Direct Communication
CC#8 – Creating Awareness

“This has been the most useful webinar and issue I’ve attended in years!!!”
~ Francesco Viglienghi, ACC Corporate Coach – Perugia, Italy

Contact Information:
Karen Keller, Ph.D., MCC