Shared Tele-seminar: “3 Secrets for Optimizing the Success of Your Introverted Coaching Clients”. Hosted by the ICF Metro Chapter

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Date(s) - Thu, 23 April 2015
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Presented by: Dr. Jeanine Cogan

Jeanine CoganIntroversion touches all parts of our lives from our work life to love life. When coaches really understand what it means to be an introvert in an extrovert-oriented culture, we can encourage our introverted clients to thrive. Instead of viewing certain behaviors as problematic (like preferring to work alone versus in groups) these behaviors are part of an introverted style.  There is no right and wrong.  Good or bad.  It just is.  How liberating!  Rather than urge introverts to become more extroverted as was the tendency in previous decades (reminiscent of urging left handed folks to become right handed, women to act more like men), we work with them to empower and claim who they are with dignity. And from that place – create the life they want!  

Take home points

  • The importance of understanding introversion as a coach serving introverted clients
  • The consequence of being an introvert in an extrovert-oriented culture
  • 3 secrets for understanding and empowering your introverted clients
  • Specific effective client-proven strategies will be suggested throughout the call

Core competencies addressed

Jeanine’s webinar focuses on two of the three Core Coaching Sections.  The first core competency of Co-creating the Relationship is addressed by teaching coaches that understanding and honoring introverts tendencies with acceptance is key to establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client.  Additionally, introverted coaches can easily call on their strengths of open receptive listening to create their coaching presence.  The second and perhaps the most notable impact is in the core competency of Facilitating Learning and Results.  When the coach learns how to create awareness of what it really means to be an introvert and designs actions and goals in a way that honors the style of the introvert then optimal results occur.  And this is in harmony with the client.  It brings out the best in the client (versus trying to change her).

About Dr. Cogan: Jeanine Cogan, Ph.D, A.C.C. is a social psychologist, blogger and founder of Cogan Coaching. With more than a decade of experience as a coach and trainer, she has coached diverse professionals including CEO’s, small business owners, employees of the government and non-profits, musicians, artists, Executive Directors, teachers, and professors. 

Dr. Cogan created the blog the Intelligent Introvert to educate and empower introverts.  Using the lens of the Intelligent Introvert to work with clients she has been blown away by how powerful this lens is for her clients.  When introverts understand what all it means to be an introvert (which most of us don’t) and then to embrace and pitch to this style (rather than try and change who we are) breaks the social norms, and as one client described “is life changing and life saving!” 

Dr. Cogan was recognized by the Washington Post as one of twenty successful professionals in Washington, D.C. and asked to be a regular contributor to an online series called On Success where she offered her expertise and advice for the entire year of the series.

Dr. Cogan is part of the faculty of the Center for Continuing and Professional Education at Georgetown University. She brings years of experience as a facilitator, trainer and public speaker to her coaching practice. Jeanine has spoken nationally and internationally at hundreds of professional conferences, community talks, seminars and workshops receiving excellent reviews for motivating her audience to take positive action in their lives.

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