Caroline Thibaudeau, Mindful Leadership and Team Coach


The Public Service of Canada is where I started my career. As they say, I grew up in this culture and it shaped me into what I am today, an integral coach, teacher, and facilitator that has a breadth of experience working with teams and individuals to support change that leads to stronger and more adaptable organizations.

Now I help teams and individuals build an inwardly sound presence (embodiment) so that they may lead others with mindful and positive influence. My focus has been supporting leaders in their drive to become leaders worth following from the boardroom to the playground. I typically coach teams and individuals in a way that builds and evolves a coaching and resilient mindset. Together we often work on foundational elements such as building strong relationships, embodied presence and conscious leadership, resilience, trust, creativity, and then applying this learning in every action and intentions, day in and day out.

As a coach, I am recognized as a “highly engaged, trustworthy and innovative coach/teacher that adapts very well to challenging/dynamic environments.” I am seen as “passionate and committed to assisting organizations to grow and develop” and viewed as someone who “really listens and coaches based on … strengths and challenges…”. “Caroline is able to spark insights to help individuals be at their authentic best, whether on the ski hill or in the boardroom.” I bring “creativity and perceptive abilities to enhance not only executive leadership skills and workplace performance but also management of work life balance challenges faced by many in the workplace.” I bring the wisdom born of working on myself.

For information, contact me directly at or at (613) 794-1615 or view my website at

Coaching for Excellence
I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)