Mary Glen BA, MA, ARCT, Integral Master CoachTM, PCC


Mary Glen (BA, MA, ARCT, PCC) is the Principal Coach and Consultant of Coaching Alliances Inc. This executive leadership support firm, founded in 2003, grew out of Mary’s 25 years of executive experience in the Public Service of Canada and her conviction that leaders and teams can succeed and thrive in unrelentingly demanding conditions with skilled and compassionate support.

Mary’s practice as a certified Master Integral Coach™ (2005) includes individual, team and peer coaching; recruitment, retention and career development coaching and strategies; strategic planning coaching and support; and writing. Mary has been a study group mentor and Certification Committee member for Integral Coaching Canada. She is a passionate seeker of the divine, an integral spiritual enquirer, and a student of integral life practice and Iyengar yoga. She deeply loves and nurtures her family, friends, colleagues and the natural world.

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