Marie-Josée Lévesque, MA, MBA, CPC


I’m a coach with a mission: helping business leaders expand their definition of success beyond the bottom line, master leadership and develop enduring businesses that fuse together financial and social success. There is so much more to business than money.

At its core, business is a voluntary exchange based on value and trust. Profits result from value creation and trust. Enduring profitability is rooted in the human dimensions of business. Leaders of great companies recognize that business decisions impact more than this quarter’s bottom line; they are mindful of the stakeholders network the business operates in and of creating trust and value in the entire ecosystem. Expectations towards corporations are also morphing. More than ever, employees, customers, investors and society care about the difference businesses make in the world – their higher purpose.

Businesses with a higher purpose have a platform to create an engaged, motivated and inspired workplace where trust and collaboration lead to innovation, competitive advantage and social good.

I support business leaders’ growth in awareness and conscious creation of an enterprise that does well AND does good in the world.

Let’s create the Future right now.

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