Leslie Rohonczy, PCC, IMC


Leslie Rohonczy is a certified Integral Master Coach™ specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, and building high-performance teams. Her creative and compassionate approach helps senior leaders and their teams to put real, impactful changes into action. In March 2023, Leslie released her book, ‘Coaching Life”: Navigating Life’s Most Common Coaching Topics’, based on the themes from thousands of hours of coaching conversations. Leslie is also a talented singer/songwriter, recording artist, and vocal & performance coach. Coaching clients and their topics inform Leslie’s music, and her coaching-inspired music helps to enrich her coaching program design.

Explore the creative, impactful, and innovative coaching and leadership development services Leslie offers at http://www.leslierohonczy.com, or book an initial discussion today.

Leslie Rohonczy Consulting
I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)