Greg Leis MDS GCEC BSc QTP ACC, Certified Executive Coach


Over 28 years as an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force I was able to benefit from the exceptional leadership training, coaching, and mentoring that is an integral part of every member’s career. I saw the importance of this training and the positive outcomes achieved in an organization which truly has a no-fail mission.

Following my service in uniform, I began a second career as a senior leader in the aerospace and defence industry where I saw first-hand the effects of large organizations that do not have widespread formal leadership training and coaching programs.

I am a firm believer in the power of coaching to improve the performance of an organization by enabling leaders to excel in their current role and reach their ultimate level of potential. Nowhere is this more important than with executives, who have the most profound effect on any organization.

Having led people across the spectrum of emotion from great times to periods of extreme stress, I will bring to my coaching a flexible array of leadership styles, a calm analytical approach to problem solving and lessons learned from years of hands-on leadership.

When working with me in a coaching relationship you can expect my full presence to support you in a safe environment that allows you to be your best self. I will challenge you to grow, develop and reveal your hidden potential in a fully confidential and zero judgement environment.

I truly look forward to meeting and working with you.

Greg Leis Executive Coaching
I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)