Sue Kavanagh: Experienced Enneagram Leadership Coach


As a professional Enneagram coach for the past 8 years, and now also a certified Integral Associate Coach™, my role is to support you on your transformational journey. Together we will identify a coaching topic that serves you best for whatever your personal, professional or spiritual needs are at this time.  We will explore  your “current way of being” and take a purposeful journey to discover  a “new way of being” that aligns with your goals.  Using different lenses, including the Enneagram, we will discuss insights and perspectives on your strengths, highlight the blind spots that may be holding you back, and develop strategies to manage your growth through each of these.

Clients that have experienced unplanned life-changing shifts are often initially skeptical or fearful of any additional changes. Together, we can break the coaching experience into workable steps and make the journey manageable.  When working on planned and purposeful shifts, clients often find that the guided progress creates optimism and replaces any skepticism with self-nourishment for continued growth.

I am a values-driven change agent and work with people to navigate the awareness skills required to keep up with today’s competing priorities: less time for personal reflection and self-development, lack of work/life balance, and the need to do more with less.  I have had much success coaching individuals seeking personal growth for themselves and am equally adept and accomplished working at the organizational level with people leaders who need support with enhancing their leadership skills and help developing employees/teams.

I’ve worked with 250+ people using the Enneagram in organizational settings on an individual or team basis, and I have over 20 years experience providing coaching in career direction as well as in personal development.  Feel free to call/text/email me today to start a conversation on how I might support you on your journey.


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