Erin Patchell


Erin Patchell is the founder of Positivist Group and co-founder of the Trained to Help Project. She is a seasoned business strategist and coach, supporting managers, executives and founders to balance purpose and profit, creating powerful values-driven organizations that achieve greater results.

Erin has been leading and serving teams of coaches for nearly a decade. Her Positivist Group team delivers diverse types work to clients, with the goal of nurturing high performing learning and coaching cultures.

An unwavering believer in agility, Erin’s mission is to support clients as they skillfully balance paradoxical combinations of discipline with creativity and structure with autonomy, driving sustainable cultures within organizations. As a facilitator of change, Erin seeks to inspire founders and leaders to not just envision, but to embody potential they may never have before considered.

Erin’s other passion project is her podcast Weirdos in the Workplace that seeks to build companies that embody authenticity, transparency, passion and purpose.

She is the mom of three awesome teenagers, a Humanist Canada Officiant, and is just trying to do a little bit better every day.

Positivist Group
I hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)