Strategies for Coaching Clients with LD/ ADHD, Anxiety or other conditions and how to Help Them to Thrive

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Date(s) - Wed, 11 March 2015
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Date: March 11, 2015 Time: 7p.m. -9:00
Location: Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepoint Drive, Nepean, Ontario.  Room 1A
Has this ever happened to you?
You have this great session with a client – they are enthusiastic, engaged, nod along with everything you say and you feel like you have set them on fire! And then – nothing….no response to homework, no payment on invoices, no answers to your email?

Do you think – what the heck happened? Do you take it completely personally? Have you ever considered that your client may have some condition that affects their engagement?
I in 10 people have a learning disability and approximately 1 in 5 people have ADHD. And very few people have only one thing.
So when you combine all the different conditions together, alone with autism, Asperger’s, anxiety, physical and emotional trauma and mental health issues – what do you have? Well, just about every second person ‘has something.’
Do you know what strategies are really going to work to help these clients? Judy Mouland has been dealing with issues like this for 20+ years, both personally and professionally and can help you to decipher your clients’ needs and help you move them forward. Her older twin boys were born weighing just 1 pound, 21 years ago and her days have been spent helping them to deal with ongoing physical, mental health and learning issues.
Judy Mouland will host an interactive session on how:
to read the signs in your clients and
to coach them successfully to help them succeed, focus and release their creativity.
Judy left a successful career in the non-profit sector, most recently as the former CEO of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, to become a Life Coach Judy has OCD and ADHD and has also struggled with anxiety and depression. She has a combined family of 5 children – all who have ‘something’ including; physical challenges, ADHD, ADD, OCD and anxiety. She has been interviewed and featured in Reader’s Digest, Today’s Parent, Today’s Family the Globe and Mail and been on CTV and CBC. Her most recent article can be found in the winter edition of Parenting Times. Her work is not about changing or fixing anyone – instead she helps people – clients and coaches – to find their brilliance so they can shine. By attending this session you will learn what to look for and how to help your client to thrive. Judy is a CTI trained coach, a facilitator for the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ottawa and a team member of Psychological Services Associates of Ottawa (PSA) . Please see Judy’s recent article in Parenting Times, called “The Telltale Signs of Burnout”

CCEU’s: 1.5 for Core Competency
Cost: members-$20.00